Did you know that LipSense is applied in a unique way? There can be a bit of a learning curve for the LipSense newbie, so here is a little breakdown of the process:

1) Start with clean (and dry) lips

2) Shake your bottle several times (to disperse the pigment evenly throughout the cosmetic-grade alchohol).

3) Apply 1 fluid, sweeping layer, going in one- direction, and not back and forth. Be sure to include your waterline (the part of your mouth close to your teeth)! Allow to dry for 5-10 seconds.

4) Repeat step #3 twice more, making for 3 layers in total.

5) Make any touch-ups necessary with your Oops remover.

6) Liberally apply Glossy Gloss to seal and hydrate. Tap in the gloss for a more matte look (if desired) and enjoy!