Skintone Series: How to find your flattering colors!

I often get asked the question, “what colors are right for me, and how do I determine my skintone?” While there are always exceptions to the rules, especially when it comes to the unique and individual features each woman brings to the table, there are some helpful standards that can help you know what may work well for you! Today we are focusing in on the warm-toned ladies! You may be a WARM if you are: ✔More likely to tan than burn ✔Have peachy toned palms rather than rosy ✔Have gold flecks or otherwise warm tones in your eyes ✔Have green veins rather than blue-green, or blue ✔Prefer gold jewelry (and not just because it’s what’s in fashion) If you checked off on each of these, you are likely WARM

These LipSense colors may be perfect for you if your coloring is WARM:

Stay tuned for more in the Skintone Series. I’ll be making suggestions for the neutral and cool-toned ladies soon!


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