When it comes to LipSense application, there are some things you can keep in mind to have the best experience possible. Here are a few pointers for you!

1. Never leave your LipSense in a hot car (the bottle may melt)!

2. Stop using wax-based products that will interfere with the hydration of your lips and the longevity of your LipSense.

3. Use the tip of your wand to line your lips before applying your first layer.

4. Use different LipSense colors for your three layers to create a custom color.

5. Wear Icicle LipSense color as your first, or first and second layers for less intense version of your favorite LipSense.

6. Give matte formulas an extra 5-10 seconds of dry time, and be sure your layers are really thin.

7. Apply a darker color to the outer 2/3 of your lips for your first two layers, and a lighter (or even reflective) color on the center

for the third layer for an ombre look.

8. Gloss before and after greasy meal and snacks to protect your color.

9. Gloss before bed to wake up to fabulously hydrated lips.

10. Let your Oops Remover sit on your lips for a minute or so, rubbing your lips together..and then remove with a warm

washcloth or a babywipe. Repeat as needed.

One of my favorite things about our Company is that we offer a great exchange/refund policy! If you aren’t loving your products, just speak up and I will fix that problem asap!