In part one of this series on Capsule Wardrobes, I discussed the reasons why you want one. Now I want to give you the beginning steps to create one for yourself!

1. First, take some time to pull out everything in your closet. Assess whether you actually wear the items —  if not, take time to assess why so that you don’t end up buying a repalcement piece with same problem (ill fitting, bad color, not climate appropriate, etc.). Then put everything into one of three bins. One for trash, one for re-cycle (donate or giveaway) and one for keeping. Be vigilant. Only keep the items that are in good condition, still fit, and you like to wear. If anything needs to be tailored or mended, plan to do so immediately or out it goes! If you are on a roll, go on and do the same process with you accessories and shoes. If this whole process feels overwhelming, try going through small sections of your wardobe (i.e., pants, shirts, etc.) one at a time, and giving yourself a 15 minute timer each day to work through it. A little bit every day will keep it do-able, and you will get through it all in a matter of several days!


2. Once the de-cluttering portion is done, take an inventory of what remains:

Do you have any clothing gaps?
Not enough dressy tops for work?
Not enough pants for casual wear?

The goal is to see how little you can get by with, while still looking stylish and wearing the best quality that you can afford. You also want to assess whether or not the bulk of your clothing items are appropriate with the bulk of what your weekly activities include. For example, I am a stay at home mom. I work from home, and typically only leave for park dates, errands, and appointments. I don’t need a workwear wardrobe per se, and the majority of my closet probably doesn’t need to be party dresses and heels! I do have a nice dress, some skirts and a dressy blouse specifically for date nights, church, and the rare formal event. But the majority of my effort goes into having stylish shirts that go with all of my pants and are machine-washable. It is important to know your lifestyle, and dress for it! 

Keep in touch. Next time I’ll be addressing color palette strategies and what kind of capsule will work best for you!


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