So, you’ve decluttered your closet. Now you are probably wondering what your capsule should consist of. There are many types of capsules, and a lot of it can depend on your preference. We are going to dig into that today. I will also share some resources for choosing your color palette and purchasing new items to round out your capsule. Yay!

The first key to a good capsule is to know your climate. As a native-Texan, I divide my capsule into Spring/Summer, and Fall/Winter. The clothing that is not currently needed, I prefer to store away. This also goes for things like coats, swimwear, or maternity wear. You could also include items that are not in your current size but you expect to wear in the future.


Once you are finished separating out what is appropriate for your current or upcoming season, I suggest you determine your most complimentary personal colors and choose a color palette from there. Reachel Bagley at the Cardigan Empire has some great charts on her blog to help you discover your colors. For example, I am a Summer. The colors that suit me best are have some coolness to them. To keep things simple, I prefer to purchase items in neutral colors that easily pair together. For me this means colors such as navy, black, white, grey, and tan. I do enjoy color, so I’m in the process of adding in burgundy, green, and blush to my mostly neutral core items.  Of course, you can certainly go with a much more colorful capsule if you like! Here are some good tips!



When you find your color season, you’ll want to see where you stand with the items currently in your closet. Are the colors most suitable for you already on those hangers? Could your current items benefit from a sweater, top, necklace or some other item in a particularly flattering color? Never underestimate the power that accessories can have in changing up a look, especially jewelry and shoes! As you are considering colors, take note of any apparent wardrobe gaps and make a shopping list.


It may take some time wearing your newly narrowed wardrobe before you are able to put your finger on exactly what is missing. That’s okay! You shouldn’t feel the need to fill all of those gaps immediately. If you are like me, a hasty decision will just lead to an item you’ll end up getting rid of. Give yourself time and room to make a great choice. But above all, don’t forget to stay within your budget! There are so many ways to grab a great deal, both in person, and online. A few favorite stand-bys for me include: Goodwill, consignment boutiques, Poshmark, and Thred-up. Also, Poshmark, Ebay and local consignment boutiques are wonderful places to try and make a bit of a profit from the items you’ve decluttered! 




Alright, so we’ve chatted all about capsule schedules, color palletes, and filling in the gaps. In the next installment of this series, I will share my own capsule, as well as the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Thanks for joining me!







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