As we come to a close in this capsule wardrobe exploration, I just want to express my gratitude to all of the lovely ladies that have joined along for the ride! In this week’s post, I will be sharing my actual wardrobe — my personal, and delightfully imperfect, capsule.  Many of my items work well year-round, but this grouping is specifically geared for the Spring and long Texas Summers.

It is not necessarily what I would call “complete.” I always have to remind myself  that  this isn’t  about creating a “perfect” capsule. You are just aiming for one that works well for your needs!  Lately I have been excited about the addition of some warm-weather floral patterns and a touch of blush pink. 

My  current wish list to continue searching for includes a blouse or dress in a dressy type floral fabric, a floral scarf, a pair of sandals in a blush color, a straw hat, a basket bag, a swimsuit, beach flip flops, and a pair of prescription sunglasses.  While it is highly unlinkely most of these will all be purchased in the near future they give parameters and direction to my shopping excursions and also help me in planning out my budget throughout the season.  In my capsule there are a few basic colors. You will see that I  wear a lot of Navy, White, and Denim,  as well as touches of Lavender, Soft Green, Soft Blue, Gray, Taupe-ish Khaki, and Soft Mauve. So, without further ado, here are the items in my capsule!






And that’s it! Like I said at first, my Spring/Summer wardrobe is still a work in progress. But overall I am pleased with its current direction. It took me quite some time to determine which styles I prefered (for example, I really like lace, button down shirts, high waisted, cropped pants etc…). If you are anything like me, I suggest giving yourself a few descriptive key words to keep your general look consistent. For me, I aim to dress in a classic,  preppy, chic, and mom-friendly way, with influences of french and vintage fashion. The pieces are comfortable for me and help me to create a look I enjoy. So take your time, develop your own signature style based on the aesthetic you love, and create your own capsule wardrobe that reflects the unique person that God made you!

Talk at you later!


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