So I’ve recently been making some big adjustments in my life. I’m jumping head first into long postponed home projects. I’m also making an effort to modify my approach to social media, and find ways to engage more with family and friends in real life. It’s been a season of contemplation. After a whirlwind several years with 3 babies entering the picture, and the past year and a half of dealing with chronic pain it has been too easy to fall into habits of isolation and procrastination.

Really Connected?

Although it can appear that being in touch with others via the internet fosters connection, in reality it can often feel more isolating than ever. I believe I’m not alone in this experience from what I’ve witnessed in others.  So, for my part I’m taking small steps to edit long held habits, in hopes of moving toward a more fulfilling and truly connected life than wifi connected relationships can provide.

 What’s in a Name?

 What is all of this about anyway? If you have come here from my Facebook business group, you know that I am putting posts there on pause for the time being as a sort of experiment.  I was giving my business name origin some thought, and I decided it could be relevant to some of you. The name of my business, “Brighten Your Day Cosmetics,” was chosen because I wanted to convey the idea that dressing for the kind of day you want to have is important. Now, that isn’t at all to say that you can’t have a great day sans makeup and a nice outfit. What I do mean is that by getting dressed in a way that feels good to you,  you are encouraging yourself to show up. You can create daily habits that will encourage those around you, strenghten your character and produce a well-lived life to the glory of God.


Making Changes

 Although we are by far a culture that accepts super casual attire as the norm, there is still the notion that how we present ourselves is related not only to being active and putting your best foot forward, but also to showing others around us respect. So let’s stop living our lives through the pages of the internet and get back into embracing the moment by moment people, projects, and circumstances we are really living in. Learn a new skill, start a new habit, have someone over for a casual meal. And if you want to want to add a little LipSense in the morning as you get on your way, I can attest that is a great place to start!

 Your Turn!

Please leave me a comment below! Sure, devices can be extremely helpful (Google Maps, I’m looking at you!), but they can’t replace a life lived out in real time. Together, let’s start replacing unhelpful habits with better ones!