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Hello! I’m Katelyn, and the founder of Brighten Your Day Cosmetics! I’m wife to my college sweetheart, Joel, and mom to two spunky toddlers and the beautiful baby girl on the left. Life is hectic and I’m still new to this stage of life, but I love sharing what I’ve learned, and want to be a help, encouragement, and friend to you.

Don’t you ever feel like you need an extra pep in your step, but things in life feel hard, monotonous, and a bit lonely?  What started as a way to learn new skills, connect with other women, and give me a creative avenue has become a journey of learning how to manage a home-based business as a busy young mom, while getting to play with remarkable make-up by SeneGence International. I want to share the fun with YOU! I will be sharing all kinds of tips and tricks about make-up, pulling a look together (and enjoying the process), and life as a momma, and budding businesswoman.

I love exploring concepts like capsule wardrobes, personal color theory, semi-minimalism, LipSense and other SeneGence products like ShadowSense, easy hair and make-up hacks, organizational systems for keeping a house cozy and clean (enough), skincare, and how to engage in life in a more meaningful way.

If you are into any of the above topics, won’t you join me for the ride? I would love for you to subscribe to my email in the box below, so we can stay in touch. I want to provide you with interesting, valuable and really fun content here at Brighten Your Day Cosmetics!